About Us:

Dream Catcher Stables was opened in 2006 as a “Part-Time” hobby for our family to enjoy together. Our beginning was a simple antique surrey carriage and the original team of Haflinger ponies, “Mic & Mac”.

Since our initial start, we have grown to a full time company with a selection of horse drawn carriages and specialty items that have been in high demand all over south western Ontario.

We have been in numerous parades, special events, and have completed over 1000+ South Asian and Canadian weddings with our famous “Decorated Horses” and Carriages.

We have had the honours of carrying “Santa Claus”, Government Officials, and other special guests in Parades and were invited for a taping of the show “Dragon's Den” on CBC Television, appeared on an episode of "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" as well as on several televised Bharat ceremonies on India TV. We have also been in several newspapers and other media outlets for various events.

We have larger plans for our company, and hope you will enjoy watching us grow! Our farm is always open for visitors, and we host a series of events each year. Watch our “Upcoming Events” section for dates, times and details.

Looking forward to, “Making Dreams Come True”, in the coming years ahead.

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